Phrase Generator

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Easily generate random word and character combinations using your own recipes.

Generate up to 200 phrases using any recipe you create.
Tap an item to copy it to the clipboard or delete it.
Create your own recipe or use a preset.
Generate up to 10 items at a time.

Creating random passphrases and passwords according to strange rules can be frustrating. Phrase Gen will allow you to write your own recipes to generate to whatever format you need using simple codes.

Recipe Codes

Insert a single numeric character (0-9).
Insert a single English alphabet character (a-z).
Insert an emoji. This is experimental and likely will not choose from the entire list of available emoji.
Insert a “fake word.” This is programmatically generated and may, unintentionally, create an actual word in some language.
Insert a longer “fake word.”
Insert a hexadecimal number (0-f).
Insert an International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet word (NATO phonetic alphabet).
Insert a Lorem Ipsum word.
Insert an alpha-numeric character (a-z, 0-9)
Insert a symbol from a limited set: !@#%^&*
Insert a symbol from an extended set: `!@#%^&*()-_=+~[]\'";:,./?<> and your local currency symbol
Insert an English word from a preset list.
(any other character)
Insert this character literally.

How to Use Modifiers

Capitalize the first letter of the next code in the recipe.
Optionally capitalize the first letter of the next code in the recipe (50% chance).
Convert the result of the entire next code to uppercase.
Insert the next code as a literal character instead of using it as a code. For example, if you want a “w” character, add \w to your recipe.

How to Get It

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